Cynthia, Andrew & Lillian | Nashville Family Photographer in Naperville

Hanks/Weir | Nashville Family Photographer | Naperville, IL

Hey guys!

Today I have a real treat for you, which comes in the form of the Lillian Weir. You can tell from the pictures that this girl is a lively one!

 Nashville Family Photograher-1-2


We met up at the Naperville Riverwalk in Naperville, IL, which I love because you can get a variety of locations and backgrounds with just a short walk.  In addition to Lillian, I got to shoot her beautiful Mama, Cynthia, and her handsome Dad, Andrew.

Cynthia and I actually went to high school together and her mother, Storm, has been trying to get me to take Cynthia and Lillian’s pictures for awhile now.  ;-)

Lillian is precocious, honest, and empathetic. As you can see, her parents, Cynthia and Andrew, have a lot to be proud of.

Cynthia did a really wonderful job choosing an outfit for our session.  She did great at picking something that was dressy, but still allowed Lily to the freedom to jump around and be the little tom boy that she is.

“Don’t stress and have fun!  If you are relaxed and at ease it will come through in the photos.  Also, wear comfortable shoes!  I wore these silly strappy kitten heels and they were absolutely awful!  I hated them afterward and thought “I should have just worn socks and my big brown loafers!  You didn’t even see my silly feet!” she said. I second that info!

Okay, moving on to what you’ve been waiting for. For your viewing pleasure, pictures of Lillian, Cynthia, and Andrew!