The Chrisman Family | Nashville Family Photography in Naperville, IL

Chrisman Family | Nashville Family Photography | Naperville Riverwalk

Hola mis amigos!

Wow!  I have been photographing the Chrisman Family for 6 years now. (I had to ask Amie to be sure of that number.) When I started shooting, Brayden was 2, and Cameron and Carter were not even twinkles in the eyes of their parents yet.  ;-)  Here’s a shot from a few years ago – just so you can see how these boys have grown!

Nashville Family Photograher-1-2

The boys just crack me up every time I get to see them.  Brayden is a smart and funny 8 year old with the biggest heart of anyone in the world.  He loves to talk, read, and play and has never met a stranger.  Cameron is definitely the “ham” of the family.  He’s super sweet and loves to help out.  He loves sports, music, playing with his brothers and asking questions.  Carter may be the youngest and smallest, but don’t let him fool you!!  That boy is one tough cookie and definitely holds his own with his big brothers.

Amie and Rubin are just awesome.  I love when I get to hang out and catch up with them every year.  Amie is a crazy busy mom, and you can see how much she loves her boys and her husband.  Rubin is just a sweetheart – you can tell he is just in awe of his wonderful family.

As always, we had a blast the day of the shoot.  As you can imagine with three boys 8 and under there was lots of running and jumping – which is always fun!

Amie told me, “We love having family photos taken year after year!  It is so fun to look back and compare shots on the same bridge taken by the same photographer and watching our family grow and change each year.  The boys all feel comfortable with you and is fun to just be ourselves and not have to try to act “normal” :)  We love the candid shots of the kids jumping, crying, picking their noses…all of the things little boys do.  The photos capture their personalities – not just a pose and a fake smile.”

With no further ado, enjoy the Chrisman Family – version 2013, of course!